AR Investigations, Inc.
AR Investigations, Inc.

AR Investigations, Inc. provides professional, confidential, and superior services. Specializing in Civil, Family, and Criminal Court matters.
AR Investigations, Inc. services includes, but are not limited to process serving, locating clients and witnesses, obtaining witnesses  statements, aerial photgraphs, diagrams, measurements and surveillance.  

AR Investigations, Inc. tailors its investigations to fit the requirements of its clients. 
Private Investigator
Licensed by the NYS Department of State, Bonded, and Insured 
  Process Server
Licensed by the State of New York, Bonded and Insured
Notary Public
Licensed by the State of New York
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Private Investigator
AR Investigations, Inc. can be instrumental in providing photographs, diagrams, and measurements  from car accidents, or slip and falls.

AR Invesigations, Inc. can be crucial in locating and obtaining notarized client and witness statements. 

AR Investigations, Inc. can serve and file your legal documents through licensed process servers. 

AR Investigations, Inc. can capture video of individuals who have made false claims of injuries, and general surveillance. 

AR Investigations, Inc. can provide a Spanish-speaking investigator. 

AR Investigations, Inc. prides itself in always displaying a professional demeanor.

AR Investigations, Inc. has extensive experience  testifying in court proceedings.

AR Investigations, Inc. is dedicated to providing it's clients the highest quality of services.